Contract Types Security

Administrators have the ability to limit visibility in UCM to only specific Contract Types. They're also able to set what contract type(s) a user shouldn't be able to enter. These options are found to the right of the user edit screen under Security/Visibility and New Contract Entry.

This allows you more flexibility for setting security permissions. For instance, if a User should have access to all Purchasing Agreements in the system, regardless of department or entity, then you could limit them in this area to only that type across All Folders. 

Alternatively, if a user shouldn't ever see Compensation agreements, employee contracts or NDA's regardless of what folder they're in, you can remove that access here.

Select which Contract Types the user will have permission to use from the list.
CTRL + click will allow you to select multiple values; SHIFT + click to choose a range. Also use the CLICK HERE option to use the Item Selector Interface (side-by-side selections).

Click 'Save' and the user won't be able to see these contract types.


New Contract Entry: Contract Types Allowed

Administrators have the ability to restrict User access to Contract Types for new Contracts. This means a user will not be able to enter contract types that aren't selected for them.

This also limits the amount of contracts they can select when entering a contract, making it a little easier for beginners. If a user is only supposed to be entering contract request forms, for example, you can limit them in New Contract Entry, in the same way you limit visibility.

Note: this is generally a fairly extreme measure and can cause issues if a user needs to review or look at a contract they can't access, especially if a contract is entered under the wrong type and this user can't see that type!