Contract Types Administration is the area where Contracts are categorized and configured. This is done by setting up the default items (Workflow and Field Groups) for each Contract Type. 

To create a new Contract Type, click on the green “New Contract Type” button and fill out the form which assigns the Default Field Group(s), Field(s), and Default Workflow Template (all of which were explained in the previous Administration sections).

Enter the contract type name and an optional description:

Now select what field groups will appear on these contracts. Field groups are where your data points (fields) will be living. If each field is a folder, the field group acts as a file cabinet to hold all the data pieces in one tidy area.

Default Contract Field(s) section relates to fields that should be added to stand alone on this contract type. Maybe you only need one field out of a different field group, for example. However, this is a pretty rare thing to happen, so we recommend just using field groups for ease of use.

Last, choose a workflow for these contracts. Workflows are configured in Company Administration and relate to what steps a contract must go through before being Executed/Final/Complete. 

Click the drop down and you will see all the workflows in your system. After selecting one, a Preview will appear with the stages of that workflow. This 'Contracts Over 10K' workflow starts as a draft, goes to Financial Approval and after it's Signed by the CFO it goes into a Final Review etc. 

Click 'Save' and your contract type is ready to use!