Here’s a summary:

  • As an Administrator, you’ll be able to limit which of your Full-Access users are able to override the current Workflow/Stage combination for a Contract Container that has previously been created (Admin-Only Option)

  • When editing a Workflow in the Company Admin area, you’ll now be able to change the order of the Stages by dragging and dropping instead of having to re-select from the DropDown lists (Admin-Only Option)

  • From the Enterprise (top) Attachments tab, users will now be able to click on the Document Name to view the details of that Document.  And the Edit (pencil) and Delete (X) icons have been added to the grid display, as well.

  • From the Attachments tabs, when performing a backup operation, you’ll be able to see the Contract ID at the end of each Contract Name to allow you to differentiate between similarly-named containers