This report will collect as much information as possible from failed log-in attempts (much like we do for successful log-ins). This can be used for analysis or to see any potential break-in attempts. It can also give you a good idea of which users may be having difficulty remembering their Username or Password!

How to read the Invalid Login History        

Username – This column records the attempted username that someone entered incorrectly.

FirstName & LastName – This column records the first and last names of any user that is Active and existing in your company. Lines that are blank are users that either don’t exist in UCM or they did exist and have locked themselves out. (Likely by trying too many incorrect passwords!)

DateTime – As expected, this records the date and time that this incorrect entry was made. If you spot a lot of incorrect attempts all at once, it’s likely the user who’s entering will need their password reset, via the Send Password Reset button in the Manage Users grid.

IPAddress – This column records the IP Address of the User making the incorrect entry. If you’re unfamiliar with an IP Address, it’s a numerical label assigned to every device connected to a computer network. You may not ever need to use this column but it’s nice to know it’s there.

BrowserInfo – This last column is not displayed in the screenshot above; however, it will list what browser type your User was entering this incorrect log-in with.


Downloading an Invalid Login History Report

To create a report, click on the report icon to download a .CSV file to your local computer where you can open and view the same columns.