What is a Document Category? What are they for? 

Document categories are ways of classifying any attachment and documents found in UCM. Say you have a single service agreement. As part of that container, you have a master agreement, the service agreement for a contracted period of time, an NDA and a few amendments. The Contract Container is one type (service agreement) but all the documents that go with it aren't service agreements. This is where Document Categories comes into play. 

Each attachment or document may be labeled with a category. 

What can you do with a Document Category besides classify documents?

  • On the contracts grid you can sort and group by attachment category. This makes organization of different document types easy! 
  • You can use Document Category to create attachment views, so you can see all of a particular document type. This report can be exported into Excel for further analysis.
  • You can define Templates and Library Templates into different categories so users can automatically enter documents of a particular type.

To add Document Categories to UCM, an admin only has to access Document Category Administration, under Contract Administration.


After clicking this button you will see a list of your current Document Categories. Some of these will be default categories in UCM as part of the package. They can be edited by clicking on the category name and easily changing it. 

To reorder the categories, click and drag on the category to move it around.

To delete any category, select the red X.

To add an additional category, click the + Add new link at the bottom of your list!

This will add a blank row for you to type in the new category name. Hit 'Save' and this will be added to your list of available categories.