Document States Administration is the area where you define what possible States a document might be within your system. Let's say you have a contract container for a Service Agreement. You might have a master agreement that's signed and executed, another agreement that is still a draft and maybe another document that's in redlines. 

Document State is how you would determine what attachments are in what state whenever you add a document to your contract.

What can you do with a Document State besides classify what state a document is in?

  • On the contracts grid you can sort and group by document state. 
  • You can use Document State to create attachment views, so you can see all documents in a particular state. This report can be exported into Excel for further analysis.

To add Document States to UCM, an admin only has to access Document State Administration, under Contract Administration.

After clicking this link, you will see a page like the one below. Some Document states are added by default to any out-of-the-box UCM. You can always edit the name of a state by clicking the name and entering a new one.

To delete an existing state, use the red X. To reorder how the states appear in UCM, click and drag the state to a new position in the lineup. 

To add a new document state, click the + Add new link, give the empty slot a name and hit 'Save.'