Whoops! You accidentally added three copies of a service contract because it's 8 AM and your coworker won't stop talking about her kids! What now?! Finish your coffee and fear not! Deleting contracts is a snap!

The disadvantage to this is, it's easy to delete contracts that maybe aren't duplicates so before you make changes to your system, perform a full data back-up. Better to be safe than sorry, right? A link to do that is Here. If you still feel uncomfortable deleting contracts, feel free to reach out to your Company Administrator, who can get in touch with UCM Support to help!

First we need to make sure that in the Contracts Tab you see a little box that you can check to the left of contracts in the grid. If you don't see that checkbox, contact your administrator or UCM support.

If there are check boxes on the grid, proceed with the following:

  • In the checkbox to the left of any Contract listed, check-off the Contract(s) you want to Delete. Be careful and make sure you select the right one(s)!
  • Then, above the column headings in the grid listing, you’ll choose 'Delete Contract' from the Actions drop-down. (it's on the top-right)

  • Next, click on Execute button, to the right of the Actions box.
  • Lastly, confirm that you want to complete the Action (which is to Delete the Contract(s)). It will confirm what it has done (X contract(s) affected), and then they will “disappear.”

If you want to see what you have Deleted in your system, you can go to Company Admin, and then from that main menu, going to Contract Deletion History from the Account Info menu.