Scenario: As you're browsing through Purchasing contracts, you happen to notice there's an IT agreement added to the wrong folder. Surely Internet Services doesn't belong in with office supplies.

So you try to move the contract to the IT Agreements folder that's in your hypothetical company. But when you click on the Contract Folder to change it's home, you don't see IT Agreements listed?


This is likely because UCM only shows folder options that are available to the contract's current owner. For this scenario, Andreas Baskwill is the owner, and does not have permission to own IT contracts. Fortunately this is an easy issue to solve!

  • Make yourself the owner of this contract temporarily. As an admin you can View and Own contracts anywhere in UCM. 
  • Go to Manage Users and select the previous contract's owner. Since they can't own contracts in this folder we'll have to give them permission to do so.
  • Under Folder Permissions, select the folder you moved this contract to and check this user's permissions. 
  • Make sure "Be an Owner" is checked as well as the options to "View" contracts in this folder. Then save your changes.
    • Be sure this user isn't under a role model! Otherwise you need to remove the role model or change it!
  • Go back to the contract in question and update the Owner and Folder!

As always, if you need further help, please reach out to UCMSupport!