To Add Supporting Parties or Change the Owner of a Contract

  1. First you must make sure that function is enabled for your company. In "settings," there's an icon to click for Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Administration. Click the check-box to enable PST parties and click the checkbox to activate at least one supporting party.
  2. Open the contract container. Clicking 'Owner' and/or Primary, Secondary or Tertiary Party links will open a drop-down of available users.
  3. Select the user you wish to be the OPST and save.
  4. If you don't see the user you wish to be responsible for the contract, you must go to their user permissions and be sure they have access to the folder the container is in, and that they have permission to own contracts.

To Replace OPST Parties with a new user:

  1. Create the new user’s profile, select the “Force Confirmation” box from the Manage Users grid. This will allow them to be selected as a supporting party without waiting for them to confirm their account.
  2. Click “Copy Permissions” and select the 'old user' from the drop down and the 'new user' from the list of users with a checkbox then select Copy Permissions.
    ***You don't have to use copy permissions, but make sure the new user has the right permissions to view the appropriate contracts!***
  3. Create a contract view with the criteria below. (You may want to include archived contracts)
                        Owner –> Contains –> Old User 
  4. Use the 'Select All' checkbox at the top of the grid to check all contracts in this view. Choose 'Modify Contract(s)' from the “Action” box, then Execute
  5. Click on Owner and update to the new user!
  6. Repeat these steps but replacing Owner with Primary, then Secondary, and Tertiary (4 views in total) Parties. Finally, deactivate the old user (if necessary).