Did you ever wonder what’s the difference between all these Notify User links?

The Summary Tab has two links for notifying users during the Contract's life cycle: Notify on Stage Update and Contract Reviewers.

Then there are Stage Assignees, which are pre-defined and triggered whenever the Current Stage/Change Stage settings are updated.  Users can be added or removed from these notifications at any time. 

1. Notify on Stage Update

Any users selected to this role receives an email every time a Stage in the Contract Container is moved along in either direction. This allows a specific UCM user (like a Department Manger or someone in Legal) to “be in the loop” for what is happening with the particular contract’s lifecycle. No-Login users can be part of this group too even though they cannot log into UCM.

2. Contract Reviewers

This function is split up into 3 parts: Select Reviewers, Notify on Status Change, and Notify on Review Completion.  On the Summary Tab, this is listed as “Review Status”. Click the link to display the pop-up box titled Set Contract Review

                Select Reviewers:  These users are notified by email. They must log into UCM to either Accept or Reject the Contract Container, as well as enter a Note to explain their decision.

                Notify On Status Change: If any users are selected in this group, they receive an email notification anytime a Reviewer accepts or rejects a contract.

                Notify On Review Completion:  These users receive an email notification once all reviewers have completed their task, even if anyone (or all) rejects the contract.

If you define at least one Reviewer, the “Reviewers Scorecard” appears, where you can view the status of each reviewer. Admins can select any reviewer and act on their behalf, even overriding their status.

The Scorecard only shows the Reviewers, not the users assigned as those notified for Status Change or Review Completed.

3. Stage Approvers

These users are generally assigned by an Administrator. Stage Approvers receive an email notification whenever a Stage is moved to one that they were assigned, as either an individual user or as a member of a role model. These assignees are then responsible for reviewing the current status of this Contract Container while in the current stage as part of the Contract’s Life cycle.

If the current stage is defined as requiring Approval, then the assignees have to Accept or Reject this stage after their review, by using a scorecard process similar to the Contract Reviewers process. Stages are automatically advanced after ALL Stage Approvers approve the stage. Stages can be moved backwards, however, at any time.