Create a New Note

To add a note into your system from the Enterprise level Notes Tab, click the Add Note icon.

In this area, you will add a Note Title, populate the body of the Note, and select the Contract to be associated with this note.

You also have the option of adding a document to this note using the Select File button. After adding an optional attachment, another dialog window will allow you to give this document a category and state. Click 'OK' to add this document to your note.

After you click 'OK' the document is added to your note to the right. Remove attachments added in error by clicking the red X.

Click 'Save' to finalize your note and add it to UCM!

Edit an Existing Note

To make changes to a note that already exists in UCM, click on the Note Title from the Notes Grid. Doing so will show the note above the grid. 

Click the yellow Edit Pencil to make changes. Here you can change the Title, Description/Note and what contract this note is associated with. Don't forget to save!

Delete Notes

How do you delete a note? Just like anywhere else you see a red X in UCM, you can click this to delete a note. Be careful, you can't bring it back to life!