You can modify any of the grid layouts in UCM to suit your personal preferences. Changes to the grid layout are stored within your profile so only you see the modified layout. Here's the contract grid, for example, enlarged to show texture.

Arranging the Grid

Use the Records-per-page drop-down to select, obviously, the number of records on the grid.

Note: If you choose 100 records per page, sometimes you'll get to the end and you won't see anything on your page! It's ok, though! Scroll up and you will see the few contracts on this page!

Click and drag between column headings to resize the column width. Double-click to auto size.

Click and drag in the middle of any heading to change the order of displayed columns

Sorting the Grid

When hovering your mouse over any column heading a drop-down arrow appears. From this arrow, you click your mouse to be able to sort by ascending or descending order.

Clicking on any column heading will sort the grid based on the data in that column in ascending order or by clicking a second time in descending order. A darkened shade and a small triangular arrow pointing upward showing ascending sorting or downward for descending sorting indicate the column is sorting the contracts in your grid.

Add or Remove Columns from the Grid

When hovering your mouse over any column heading a drop-down arrow appears with the options to sort or 'Columns.' 

This will bring up an area where you can decide what fields will display as your column headings in the grid. For Contracts and Views, clicking 'Columns' will bring up a pop-up listing all your available attributes and custom fields on the Left and on the Right, all the attributes and fields in your grid currently.

Note: *Contract Attributes at the top of this list contains the “out-of-the-box” fields that come with our software.

The fields on the right will show the order these fields/attributes will appear in your grid. Clicking and dragging vertically will change what order they will be in the grid!

To add columns to your grid, mark each individually and use the right-facing single arrow (>) or to add all columns to the grid, click the double arrows facing right (>>)

Removing columns from the grid is done one-by-one with the single arrow (<) or remove all columns with the double (<<)

When you are finished making changes, click the Save button. If you do not want to change anything in this area, click Cancel and you will be brought back to your unchanged grid.

Navigating the Grid

At the bottom-left of the grid, you can find the page number indicator and navigation area. To change pages, you can either click the left or right arrows, or type in the page number you would like to see, and press [Enter] on your keyboard.

The number of pages available are dependent on the number of records per page.

To refresh the listing of Contracts in the grid (perhaps another User updated data contained in any of the visible columns since it was last parsed) click on the circular arrows on the right.

Finally, on the far bottom right, there will be a listing of how many total records are in this grid. If you're in a View, it will show how many contracts are in the report/meet the criteria.