4 User Types can enter contracts via Library Template: Administrators, Full Access Users, Read Only and Template Only. Regardless of their user-type, they can all enter Library Templates using the Library Icon:

Clicking on this icon brings you to the document library. This is where templates and reference only documents are stored. There should be a column labeled FillAndDownload in the header.

Below, in the grid, for any Library Template that’s active, you will see Click to Fill Fields.

**NOTE: If you don’t see this column listed, hover over the column headings till you see an arrow. Hover over this arrow till you see Columns as an option.**

Click on “Click to fill Fields” and you will be directed to a screen like the one below.

Create a Contract Container

When users select the radio button “Create new Contract Container” this will, obviously, create a new contract container with the template document they’re creating as the first document added. 

Below the Related Contract information is a Fill Values button. Clicking on this will expand the template to show all the Fields associated to this template.

After filling out all the relevant (or mandatory) fields, scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on Preview/Save to open the Edit in Cloud feature. This will show a preview of the document. Inside the preview, click the icon to “Save and Close.”

When you see your template screen again, click this icon to create the container. All the fields you filled out will now appear in the assigned Field Groups on your container!