Templates can be used to add attachments directly from within a contract container using the icons on the Attachments tab.

Add Attachments with a Classic Template

  • Using the icon on the left, shown in the screenshot above, you can open a menu of your company's templates.
  • Click the link "Click to fill Fields" from the grid shown:

  • When you "Click to Fill Fields" on the appropriate template, your screen will look like this:

  • Contract Name is automatically selected for you so simply fill out the mandatory Document Title, and any of the optional Document Attribute fields as you see fit. 
  • Scroll down to the Enter Contract values area. This is where you will enter the data for the template fields to be synced with the container fields. 

  • Make sure the "create document/ upload data" checkboxes are marked in order to add/update the field data properly. 
  • Once you are ready to update the Contract Container, click the appropriate button, then you'll have the option to use either Word or PDF. Click the file type of your choosing to generate the file, update the fields, and automatically attach the document.