• Documents can be added to existing contract containers in lots of different ways. With a recent enhancement you can use templates to add attachments right from the attachments tab of a contract container! This eliminates a LOT of remembering for users and allows Read Only users to easily edit information in a contract container!

  • From the contract you’re adding a document to, go to the attachments tab. As part of a recent enhancement, you should see the template and Library template icon added above the attachments grid!

Add Attachments with a Classic Template

  • Using the icon on the left, shown in the screenshot above, you can open a menu of your company's templates.

  • Click the link "Click to fill Fields" from the grid shown:

  • When you click to fill fields on the appropriate template, you will come to a screen like the one below. Note: The radio button selected is "Add to existing Contract Container" and you can't change the Contract Name this document is associated with.

  • Fill out the mandatory Document Title. Category, State, Description and Document folder are all optional. If this is not the Primary Document, make sure to un-check the box!

  • Scroll down to the Fill Values area. This is where you will enter all information that is going to sync to this container, as configured by your Company Admin. 

  • To make sure the contract data is going to sync, make sure "Save/Update Data in Container" checkboxes are marked. If they aren't, reach out to your Company Admin; if this box isn't marked it won't add your data to the container.

  • Below Fill Values is a Word icon and a PDF icon. Clicking either of these will generate a document of that type in your contract container. 

Note: if you're using Edit-in-Cloud, use the Word icon.