Enhancement – All User Types

This is a step-saving feature which requires less navigating and less work when needing to add a new document to an existing container from one of our two types of templates.

Library and Classic Templates are used to create or modify a contract using predefined “boilerplate” documents loaded ahead of time, which are created by UCM System Administrators. Templates can also be used by Read-only users to add/modify contracts.

Click on the ‘Attachments’ tab of the contract you are updating. If you have Templates and/or the Document Library enabled, you will see these icons to the left above the grid:


Regular Templates is on the left, Library Templates on the right.

How to Add Templates

Clicking on either of these icons will bring up their respective list of template documents.

Use the link "Click to Fill Fields" to select your template. 


After you select the appropriate template, your screen will look like this:

Note: The radio button "Add to existing Contract Container' is selected by default and the Contract Name has been filled in with the associated contract.

Fill out the Document Title and any other relevant information. Only the Document Title is mandatory.

The ‘Enter Contract Values’ section will update field data displayed on the contract summary. Clicking 'Enter Fields Into Template & Preview' will add the data to a newly generated template file.