If your company uses Library Documents, it can be frustrating to have a user created and find out they're unable to use Library Documents or even see the Library icon from the Home tab.

To fix this, fortunately, is very easy!

1. From Company Admin, go into the user's profile page.
2. Make sure they're a user-type that is able to view and edit Library documents. (Full-Access, Read-Only, and Admin).
3. In the series of check-boxes, make sure "Use Document Library" is checked.

4. Next go into "Library Items Allowed" and make sure the Document type is selected for this user.

If their permissions are under the control of a Role Model, you will have to either: Remove the Role Model and re-assign permissions or change the Role Model to have Library access. Follow the steps above to grant Library access in User Profiles or Role Models.

After all these security measures, the user should have no problem entering documents using the library!