Are you receiving this error message?

"DownloaderFile_aspx couldn't be downloaded"

Have you tried choosing both Open and Save but still no luck? We have found that this is an issue, typically, with Microsoft's Internet Explorer but similar errors have been known to occur in Chrome ("Failed - System Busy"). Here is the explanation from Microsoft's support website about why this happens:

"This issue can occur if the Index.dat file in the Temporary Internet Files folder or the Cookies folder has been marked with the Read Only attribute, or the Temporary Internet Files folder is too full."

Changing the properties on the Index.dat file involves quite a bit of work (see Microsoft article for instructions) so if that doesn't sound familiar to you, your Temporary Internet Files folder is most likely too full. 

So how can you fix it? I would suggest clearing your recent browser data, including Temporary Internet Files and cookies. In Internet Explorer, you will also want to deselect the box for "Preserve Favorites website data" if you have UCM bookmarked.

Don't worry - it will not clear your saved credentials unless of course you specify for it do so by checking the box next to "Passwords".

Holding Ctrl + Shift + Delete is the keyboard shortcut, in all browsers, to bring up the Clear Browser Data prompt. After doing this, you will need to do a hard reboot by shutting down your computer completely and then turning it back on. 

If you are still having trouble downloading files after clearing cache and performing the hard reboot, please contact us. 

Check out Microsoft's support article for more details regarding this error Here