Here’s a summary:

  • An option to have your users prompted to enter a Note/Response whenever Completing a Milestone (A-S)

  • The ability to add Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Responsible Parties to the Assignees in your Workflow (A-C)

  • Drop Down and Multi Select-type Fields have new operators for when they’re used in the criteria for Views (Starts with, Ends with, Contains)

  • An option to make your list of UCM Administrators Names and Email addresses available to those who use the system (in case they get locked-out, for instance) (A-S)

(A-S) Indicates Administrator Switchable

(A-C) Indicates Administrator Configurable

The attached documentation, in Word format, should be used for your review to become familiar with the new functionality.  Some of the items may be of interest to your users, so you may wish to edit this document to let them know if:

  • You want them to select a Milestone Completion Note/Response, whenever they complete a Milestone
  • They need to know how to better-use the new operators that go with Drop Down and Multi Select fields in the criteria area of Contract Views
  • They need access to Administrator Names/Email addresses if they’re having issues or need help