Field Groups are a little like windows on a house: they're not essential but your house (and Summary Tab) will look better with them. As a general rule, it's a good idea to plan out what Fields are going into your Field Group based on what data points belong together.

Create a New Field Group

 From Contract Administration, click Contract Field Administration.

  1. Field Group Name - What is this Field Group called?
  2. Description - An optional explanation of what information is stored in your Field Group.
  3. Assign a Field Category, if desired. The Field Category determines where your Field Group/Fields will appear in the Fields Picklist. If you don't use a Field Category, your Fields will appear in Alphabetical Order.
  4. Field Name - Select the Field you want in your field group.
               **Note: You must have at least one Field created to go in the Field Group.**
  5. Click Add to Group to deposit the Field into your Field Group, shown on the right.
  6. List of available fields - This is the list of what fields appear in your field group and in what order. Click and drag them to re-order them. 
  7. Field Type - What type is the field shown? 

**Note: You will also see a red delete icon, to the right of Field Type. We do NOT recommend using this delete icon to remove fields from a field group. Contact support for help getting rid of unwanted fields**

Add a Field Group to a Contract Type

Adding a Field Group as a Default Field Group to a Contract Type will make that Field Group automatically show up whenever a User creates a contract of that Type.

From Contract Administration, click Contract Types Administration. Select the Contract Type you want to add the Field Group to.

Under Default Field Group(s), select the Field Group you created. Use CTRL+Click to select multiple Field Groups, or use the link to open the picklist.

  • Note: Adding a Field in Default Contract Field(s) will add the single Field as a Stand-Alone Field outside of any Field Group.

Hit Save and you're done!