Scenario: Your company has started tracking additional information. Specifically, the date a contract becomes fully executed.
This field will have to be reported on, so it needs to be recorded in a field. But we're not just going to create a new field and slap it willy-nilly into our contracts.

If you recall, Fields work like manila folders, each containing one piece of data. A Field Group is like a file-cabinet: you can corral all similar or related folders together in one location that not only looks nicer but is easier to find the data you're looking for. 

Another benefit: if you add a field to an existing field group, it will appear on ALL contracts that have that field group and you won't have to add the field(s) manually, or bulk-load them in.

First, make sure your new field is created. You can't add it anywhere if it doesn't exist!

  1. Once your field is created, figure out which Field Group you want this field to appear on. For this scenario, we're adding the field to General Information, since it should go on most (if not all) contracts and our General Information field is configured to all contracts in the system. 

  2. Go to Contract Field Group Administration and select the appropriate Group by picking it from the grid.

  3. Under Field Category, you will see a boxed set of information. A Field Name drop-down, Field Type (blank) and a box that says "Add to Group."

  4. Select the field you're adding from the Field Name drop-down. The Field Type will fill in automatically.

  5. Click "Add to Group" and the field will be deposited at the bottom of the list of fields in the group (displayed on the right)

  6. If you want, click and drag the field(s) to reorder them in the field group. 

  7. Click Save and you're done!

Now, this field will appear in the group, wherever it's used in your system. However, it will be blank on all the contracts unless you manually fill it in or use the bulk loader to add values en masse. If you need help with this task, reach out to UCM Support!