Before you make changes to your system, we recommend you do a full data-back up of all your contracts. You can do this by making a view with the criteria:

                   Contract ID - Exists - True

Next, add all the columns to "Default Fields And Sequence" and hit Report. Use the Bulk Loader report to create a manual back-up of your data. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

At Implementation, you created some field groups that seemed logical at the time. After using the system for a while, you realize some of the fields are redundant or not applicable to your company's processing method. 

How to Safely Remove Fields from a Field Group 

  1. Rename the "Old Field Group" with an X at the front, so your new field group can have the proper name you can appearing in your system. 

  2. Create a "New" Field Group with the fields you want to appear on your containers (leaving out the fields you don't like from the "old" Field Group.

  3. Add the "New" Field Group as a default Field Group to all the contract types you want it to appear under. Make sure you update any templates using the "Old" Field Group to the "New"

  4. Create a view in your contracts tab with 

    • Contract ID -- Exists -- TRUE, include archived

    • Under Default Fields and Sequence, select the fields you want to appear in your "New" field group

  5. Save the View and hit "Report" to export it into a .csv file.

  6. In the exported spreadsheet, add the New Field Group name and 2 colons in front of the field names, using the format Field Group::Field Name. (Example General Information::Expiration Date) This will ensure the field data is uploaded to the right field group. Without doing this step, if the sheet is uploaded, the fields will all be created as stand-alone fields.

  7. For the contract ID, change the header to Contract::ID

  8. Delete unnecessary columns, leaving only the Contract ID and fields being updated then save.

  9. After closing the spreadsheet, run the file through the bulk loader in Update mode (Check the box for “Update Contracts” and use "Contract ID")

  10. Once you uploaded the new sheet, you can now delete the "Old Field Group" with the X in front of it. This will remove the field from your containers.

If you have any questions, or feel nervous about the bulk loader, don't hesitate to reach out to Support!