Now that you've been using UCM for a little while, you may discover you want an entirely new Field Group of data to add to your contract type(s). Maybe this was information you didn't think was relevant at the time, or a policy has changed in your workplace and now this information must be tracked or recorded in your Contract Container.

There's 3 ways to go about adding a Field Group to your contract(s). Which/How many contracts you want this Field Group to appear on will determine what method you use. Regardless of what method you use, however, you will still have to create the Field(s) if necessary and add them to your Field Group

First Method: Add the Field Group as a Default by Contract Type

Making a Field Group the default for a contract type will add that Field Group automatically to any contracts you add going forward. This won't apply the Field Group to any contracts added before it was a Default Field Group, however. For that, proceed to the Third Method.

  1. In Contract Type Administration (from Contract Administration), click on the Contract Type you'd like to add this Field Group to.
  2. Under Default Field Groups, add your Field Group(s), obviously. Use Ctrl+Click to add multiple groups, or click the CLICK HERE link to open the picklist/left-right-thingy.

  3. Click Save and the changes will apply to all new contracts of this type going forward.

Second Method: Manually adding the Field Group(s) to your Contracts 

This is a good method if you only have to add the Field Group(s) to only a few Contracts, or if you notice it's missing from a contract. (If the latter is the case, make sure the Field Group is a Default Field Group for that Contract Type

  1. From the Contract Summary page, click the link on the right (just below your tabs for Attachments, Notes, History, etc.) that says Add Fields:

  2. Click that link and it will show a drop down list that says Choose Field Group to add.
  3. Select your Field Group from the list, they will appear at the top of the list, above individual Fields. Clicking on it will deposit the Field Group onto your Summary Tab.
  4. Fill out the relevant Fields and hit Save.

Third Method: Add the Field Group to all contracts using the Bulk Loader

This method is good when you need to add a Field Group to many contracts that already exist.

First you need to figure out what contracts this Field Group is being added to. Does it need to be added to ALL contracts? All contracts of a particular type? All contracts in a folder?

Create a view containing all the contracts you want to add the Field Group to and save it. Always have the Contract ID in your View Grid; that's what's used to update contracts using the bulk loader. Then click "Report" to generate a .CSV file of those contracts.

  1. Use SaveAs to Save a copy of this sheet: This will act as a back-up of the data in case you make an error.
  2. With your sheet in hand, you're ready to make some edits. Delete the blank row, and the row containing the View Name.
  3. At the minimum, you should have your Contract ID as a column, and at least one column where you will be adding a Field from the Field Group you're adding. (You can add more or all the Fields from your Field Group!)
    • *Note* If you don't have the Field data in hand to put on the sheet and you just want to load the Field Group with nothing in it to be filled later: Create a dummy Field (We like to use a checkbox!) and add it to the Field Group. You can delete it later~!

  4. Add data to the Field(s) and make sure the header is FieldGroupName::Field to keep the data in a neat little Field Group. Making the header FieldName will cause the Field to load on as a stand-alone field, defeating the purpose!
  5. Close and Save the Bulk Loader, make sure it is a .CSV file.
  6. Open your Bulk Loader and run the sheet through. If you come across any errors or warnings, reach out to UCM Support. 
  7. Once your sheet goes through with no errors, refresh the Contracts Grid. When you click on a Contract that was updated, it should have the Field Group added!