When you're adding fields for the first time it's possible you may forget a value or two, in a drop-down or multi-select field, or you may need to add more values as time goes on.

Whatever the reason, it's really easy to add another value to a field that already exists. 

  1. Click on the Field you need to add your value to. The Field Type, for this particular subject, should either be a Drop-down or a Multi-select. Those are the only Fields with values that users will go in and select 1+ of. 

    • You will see a button that says Export current Drop-down values to CSV - This will allow you to export and alter/sort a large number of values into a .CSV file that will open in Excel.

    • Below, is a checkbox saying Use CSV File to Upload Values? This is a great option if you have a LOT of values to add for your drop-down. Some of our clients have Location as a drop-down field with 30+ values! More information on uploading values with a .CSV can be found Here.

  2. You should see a pale yellow box surrounding the values you currently have listed for this field. At the bottom of this list, you should see a +Add New button. 

  3. Clicking +Add New will add another blank box to fill in an extra value! 

  4. Hit "Sort" if you want the values sorted in alphabetical or descending order and Save your Field!

  5. Now the new value(s) will appear in your drop-down/multi select field!