What is a Field Category? What is the purpose of them?
Maybe you've seen them lying around in Field creation, or when creating a Field Group.
But what exactly is it? 

Picking or creating a Field Category will determine where the Field and Field Group will show up in the Picklist where you choose Fields to act as columns on your Contract Grid. 

Hover over any grid headings till you see an arrow pointing down. Hovering over the arrow will show selections for sort order and Columns. Click on the Columns button and it will pop open a picklist.

On the left you'll see all available Fields and Attributes. The selections on the left can be sorted in Company Admin, by using Field Categories.

For example, Vendor Information is the Field Category and Vendor Email, ID and Phone are included in this category. Below it, are fields without a category. 

It's as simple as that. It isn't mandatory, however:

  • Some companies choose not to use Field Categories - This sorts the Fields Alphabetically.

  • Some choose to create a Field Category for every Field Group 

  • Some choose to use the built-in Categories; General, Dates, Vendor and Employee. 

How you want to sort and find your data is up to you!