Any field you have created in your system can be bulk loaded, even Numeric Fields.

If you haven't used the bulk loader in a while, be sure to check for any updates in the Using the Bulk Loader Section of the Knowledgebase here.

  1. If you haven't already, manually create the new field in Field Administration and add it to the Field Group(s) you'd like it to be seen.
  2. Create a view showing you the Contract ID, Contract Name and the field(s) you would like to change. 
  3. Click the report icon to export this view in 'bulk loader format.' Save a copy of this sheet so you'll be able to fix any mistakes you might make! Better to be safe than sorry!
  4. The Field columns you're updating should look like Field Group Name::New Field Name
    By adding the Field Group name to the prefix followed by two colons, you're telling the Bulk Loader to populate that field inside the field group as opposed to placing a single field into the container. Keeps it neat and orderly
  5. Delete the first two rows of this sheet. Save the exported sheet as a .csv file
    **The grid will look the same in your listing of Contracts and Field column. It's only inside the container you will see a difference if you don't use the Field Group:: prefix**
  6. Bulk load the contracts back into your system by running the bulk loader in "Update" mode, using the Contract ID as a point of reference.