Do you have a LOT of Values to add to a drop-down or Multi-select field and you do NOT feel like adding them manually?
Good, because adding them all manually is a terrible idea.

  1. Adding a large number of values to your drop-down/multi-select field(s) is super easy and all you need is a .CSV file of your values. If you're not familiar with .CSV files for some reason, it's really just a spreadsheet with Comma Separated Values where all the values are separated or delimited by commas, making the spreadsheet easier for the system to read. 

  2. Create or use an Excel sheet with your values in one of the columns. Eliminate all columns except your Values column. Now, save it as a .CSV file. Here at iContracts we usually use CSV (MS-DOS) which can be found in the File-type drop down when you hit "Save As" but you could also save it as a regular .CSV  But it's important this file is a CSV, so the system can read it.

  3. Give it a name that makes sense to you, and save it where you can find it, because you're going to need it again shortly.

  4. Create a new field or open a pre-existing field of the Drop-down or Multi-Select variety. 

  5. Under Name and Field type, you should see a pale yellow box around a checkbox reading: "Use CSV File to Upload Values?"

  6. Mark that checkbox!

    • If this is a new file with no values, you will only see Select File and a Click Here button that opens up a file explorer window. Find your file and click "Open"

    • If you're using a Field that's already created, you can choose to replace the values you have, or Append them (add to the list you already have.) Click to choose the file, and hit "Open."

  7. Your File name will show up next to the Choose File button, make sure it looks right!

  8. Now feel free to pick a Field Category or if answering this field is mandatory or not. 

  9. Hit Save and your new values will appear in that field!