Before doing any mass changes to your system, we suggest doing a full contract back-up!
You can do this by creating a View with the criteria:
                                               ContractID -- Exists -- True
From the Default Fields and Sequence, add all the columns from the left to the right using the double arrows (>>) This way you will preserve all your fields and attributes!
Save the View with a name that makes sense to you and hit "Report" when the grid populates. This will create a .CSV file with ALL of your contract's attributes and fields, should something go wrong! Save that file where you can find it again and proceed!

Transfer Fields from One Field Group to Another

  • Rename all fields to be transferred with an X in front of their names

  • Create new fields using the proper names (without the X) and add the new fields only to the group(s) you want them in

  • Export fields to be transferred (those with the X in front of their names). Create a Contract View with the criteria below to bring up all contracts with data in that field.

    • XField Name – is null – FALSE  

    • **Include Archived Contracts**

  • Save the export before making changes

  • In the exported spreadsheet, change field name headers to the names of the new fields (example: Change “XEffective Date” to “Effective Date”)

  • Add the field group name to your field headers using the following format:

    • Field Group Name::Field Name (Ex:  “General Data::Effective Date”)

  • Delete any unnecessary columns, leaving only the Contract ID and the fields being updated then save.

  • After closing the spreadsheet, run the file through the bulk loader in Update mode (Check the box for “Update Contracts”)

  • Delete old fields (the ones with X in front of their names)