The attached sheet has a list of the bare-bones, mandatory fields required to add a new contract container to your system as well as a few example rows.

Download the most current version of the bulk-loader from Company Admin -- Contracts Administration -- Bulk Load Contracts

Using the attached sheet, delete all the example data (Rows 2-6) and use the sheet to fill in your own contract information. Make sure everything is spelled correctly and matches what's in your database. We recommend bulk-loading less than 500 contracts at a time for speed purposes.

  • Contract::Name - Mandatory - This is going to be the name of your contract container in the system.
  • Contract::Description - Optional - This is the contract's description as shown in the contract attributes at the top of the container.
  • Contract::Owner - Mandatory - Which user is going to be the owner of this contract? Bear in mind, they have to be Active, Confirmed, and have permission to 'own' contracts as set in their user profile. This field is entered as FirstName LastName.
  • Contract::Type - Mandatory - What type of contract is this? MSA, SOW, Contract etc. The Contract Type must be in your system already under Company Admin -- Contracts Administration -- Contract Type
  • Contract::Folder - Mandatory - What folder in your UCM database will this contract belong to? The folder must already be created so it's a good idea to set up your folder structure and sub-folders in advance.
  • Contract::WorkflowTemplate - Recommended - What workflow do you plan to use for this contract? Make sure the workflow already exists in your database and is set up with all the relevant stages.
  • Contract::Stage - Recommended- What stage in the workflow is this contract going in as? 
  • Field Group::Field Name - Optional - This pertains to any additional fields you already know you want on your contract container.  You must make sure the fields are created in your system and we strongly recommend making field groups containing the appropriate fields. Once you know what fields are in what field group, they must be entered using the following layout: Field Group Name::Field. This will ensure the bulk-loader will populate the fields inside neat field groups rather than ugly little stand-alone fields.
  • Contract::DocumentPath - The location of the file(s) on your computer. This document path can be found using the command prompt on your computer. Instructions are Here or you can use Google Chrome (instructions Here)
  • Contract::DocumentName - Mandatory - the name of the document as it will appear in your attachments tab. 
  • Contract::DocumentDescription - Optional - this is the description of your document, if one exists. Not to be confused with the container's description.
  • Contract::DocumentCategory - Mandatory - What kind of contract is this document? 
  • Contract::DocumentState - Mandatory - What state the document is in
  • Contract::IsPrimaryDocument - Is this the primary document in the container? **Note: You can only upload one document per container if you choose to upload them with the document attributes. If you want to add a lot of documents at once, you can perform a separate bulk-upload!

Log into the bulk loader . Click Menu in the top Left corner, select Upload Contracts and browse for your .CSV file. Click Upload Contracts

The Bulk Loader will check for warnings and errors. If there are no errors, click "Continue Upload."

The Bulk Loader gives updates with every 5 contracts it loads, showing a message on-screen of it's progress. When the Bulk Loader is done processing, a message will say "Total X Contracts have been updated on the system."

If you have any difficulties with Bulk Loading new contract containers, feel free to reach out to support!