Whether you need to delete a stage or simply update your contracts to a new workflow, you will need to use the bulk loader to do so.

Let’s say we are making the following update to remove the CFO Signature stage:

Current WorkflowNew Workflow
CFO SignatureActive

  • Create the new workflow in the Workflow Template Administration
  • Run a contract view using the following criteria:
    • Workflow – is – Current Workflow Name
    • Contract ID, Stage, and Workflow are the only fields you need to make this update.

(Be sure to check the box for “Include Archived” if you intend to delete the old workflow from your system entirely. UCM will not allow the deletion until all contracts have been updated.)

  1. Click “Report” after running the view and choose the “Bulk Loader” option
  2. Update the spreadsheet to reflect your new workflow, including any stages that may no longer exist.
  3. If you are seeing Row 1 as “Contracts: (Name of View)” and Row 2 is completely empty, delete these two rows
  4. Keep columns for “contract::ID”, “contract::workflowtemplate”, and “contract::stage"
  5. Save this as a copy - it will be your bulk loader sheet. You will want to preserve the original file in case you ever need to revert these changes.
  6. From the Menu, choose "Upload contracts"
  7. "Browse" and choose your updated file, check the box for "update contracts" and keep the radio button selected to "By Contract ID"
  8. Click "Upload Contracts" and Watch it go!

See additional articles in the Knowledgebase for Bulk Loader instructions.