This is a new feature where you can now use the Bulk Loader to update existing contracts with their Related Contracts on the Summary Tab.

Bulk Loader

A new CSV column header was created for this function. The header is Contract::RelatedContractID and this header can be located in any column. You will manually enter the column header and the Related Contract IDs, as illustrated below.

Of course the Contract::ID is always required to be the first column.


As with any field, you can use the #NULL function to remove an entry from the Contract Container.

When running the Bulk Loader, make sure to check “Update Contracts” and select By Contract ID. If you are using the Bulk Loader to upload new contracts into UCM, simply add Contract::RelatedContractID to your other headers used for uploading new contracts and do not click “Update Contracts” on the main page.

Summary Tab Updated

After the Bulk Loader has completed, you will now see the Related Contract display in the Summary Tab.