To Retrieve Bulk Loader Headings from the Bulk Loader: 

  • Go to: Menu – Download Template: 

  • Name the file and save, keeping it in .csv format
  • This file contains all bulk loader headings for your system, including: contract attributes headers (ID, name, folder, type, etc.), document headers (document name, path, category, etc.), and custom contract fields. Custom contract fields will appear twice in this file – once with their associated field group names and again individually.

Note:   If any of your field names contain commas, your columns may need to be realigned. It is best to remove the commas in UCM first (Company Admin – Contracts Administration – Contract Fields Administration, then click into the field to edit the name) then Download Template again.

TIP:    To bulk load data into a field group, be sure to use the column headings that contain double colons (::) and follow the format of Field Group Name::Field Name. If you use the column headings that contain only field names, these will be uploaded individually, outside of a group, and can look messy when uploading multiples fields this way.

If you're still not sure about bulk loader headings, reach out to !