How to retrieve document paths using the command prompt: To bring up the command prompt, you can use your computer's Search function to search through the pre-loaded apps. 

On most computers you just open the Start menu and start typing "Command Prompt" and it should appear in suggested apps, as seen above.

Copy the Folder Path from the address bar in your file explorer where your contracts are located. 

In the Command-Prompt Window, follow these steps:

Type: cd and a space (“cd ” without the quotation marks)

Right-click to paste the folder path you copied and hit Enter

Type: “dir /s/b>nameyourfile.csv” (without quotation marks - nameyourfile should be whatever title you want to use for the document name). Hit Enter. 


Note: Your computer's root will most likely be C:\Users\Administrator> or it will reflect your computer's named profile.

This example will create a .csv file titled: nameyourfile that contains complete document paths for all files within the folder you pasted into the Command Prompt.