This month's First Friday Webinar will contain the following topics (and more!)

What's New In UCM

  • Persistent Owner/Description/Type/Alerts information across all Tabs inside a Contract Container

  • Notes Grid now stays underneath an opened Notes Detail page

What's New In the Knowledgebase

Tips & Tricks: Related Contracts

  • Each Method to Relate a Contract:

    • Contract Attributes

    • Related Contracts Tab

    • Direct Entry

  • Different Relationships:

    • “Parent/Child” Relationship (MSA/SOW)

    • “Married” Relationship (MSA/NDA)

  • How to Create these Relationships

  • Reporting

    • Views and Related Contract Tab

  • Un-Relating 


  • 2019 Breakthrough User Pre-Conference

Attached below is the documentation for these lessons, to follow along with and retain for your reference!

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