Scheduled Views are great for any reports you need sent out on a regular basis. Unlike Milestones and Activities, this scheduled view is a .CSV report that will be E-mailed out based on the schedule you assign to it.

You can schedule any kind of view you create in your company, to send out Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly on a regular basis, depending on your needs.

As an example, I'm just going to walk you through scheduling a report of "All New Contracts in the Executed Stage". This report will get scheduled to send out to the Department heads of our hypothetical company on a weekly basis.

1. The first step is creating the view with all the columns and criteria you will need to see in a report. For help creating a view, click HERE.

  • Example: All New Contracts in the 'Executed' Stage. Here's our example criteria:

                         StageName -- is -- Executed 

             [AND]  DaysInStage -- = < -- 7

2. Once you've selected the criteria, columns and sort-by section of your view, scroll down and mark the checkbox to "Save this View."
3. Give the view a name that will make sense to you, and any Users you share it with.

  • Example: "Executed this Week"

4. Selecting "Share With Other Users" will create a box where you can select any Role Models/Users to share the view with. Doing so will create the view on their Contracts tab for them to check at any time.

5. Marking "Schedule This View" will bring up the Scheduler. Select what time you'd like the report to be sent out of the system.

6. Choose the recurrence pattern. Do you need this report sent Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Yearly?

  • Daily - You can schedule this report to send every day, or every weekday, if you really want to firebomb your users, or if you're scheduling a particularly important view.
  • Weekly - This report can be sent every week, every other week etc. You can even select the day to send the report: Do you want this E-mail to arrive Monday morning? Friday afternoon? 
  • Monthly - Choose the day to send this on: The first day of the month? The Third Friday of every 2 months?
  • Yearly - This is great for yearly reports, have it sent the first of X month every year, or the Third Friday of every X month, every year!

7. Choose the Range of Recurrence. When will this report start being sent out? How many occurrences will it continue? 

8. On the Right box, choose the user(s) from your system you want this E-mail going to. 

  • Click Add Schedule to create this scheduled report. It will show the schedule in "Scheduled Data" section.
    • Note: If this step is not taken, your View will NOT be scheduled
  • If you checked the box to add a user, and you don't see them, hover over the name(s) you can see, and you will see the rest of the added users. 

  • Delete any schedule data by hitting the red X

9. Hit Save and Run to set your view up in the system and it will schedule any reports to go out!