Favorite Views

To set Favorite Views, click “Add View” from the Home Screen. You can have up to ten different views in this area. Note in the example below, you can also add views from Attachments, Milestones, Notes and Activities!

Default Views

When you create or edit a view, there is a check box at the bottom right of the screen for “Default View”. Check this box if you want to see that view every time you click “Contracts” from the Enterprise Ribbon. Keep in mind you can only set ONE default view.

Once a view is set as a default, a green box will appear next to name. 

If you set a default view and wish to view all contracts, you will see a link within your contract views for “View All Contracts”.

If you decide you no longer want a default view, you can Edit the view and uncheck the box for “Default View” box. Setting a new “Default View” will replace any Default View you have currently set.