The Advanced Views is not a beginner's lesson! Some of this will sound very confusing if you're not familiar with Views or their terminology already! Feel free to refer back  earlier articles about Views in our guide!

If, however, you're familiar with Views, you already know you can't mix "AND" and "OR" when making a Basic View. The results are... not going to be what you want! 

However, UCM has the Advanced Search you can use, if you want to use a complex order or operations, such as combining "AND" and "OR" in a View! The Advanced Search can be found on the Create/Modify Contracts View screen, all the way to the right. It just says "Advanced Search."

Figuring out What you're Looking for

Example: I need a report of all Construction, Lease OR Service Agreements AND their status must be Active OR Executed. AND My name must be Owner OR Primary Party. 

  1. First, I want to report on the Contract Type criteria, finding all contracts that are Construction Agreements OR Lease Agreements OR Service Agreements.
  2. Then, from that set of Contracts, I want to find any that are Active OR Executed
  3. Finally, from all Active/Executed Construction/Lease/Service Agreements, I want to find any that have my name as the Owner OR Primary Party. 

I'm sure you remember the dreaded brackets from Algebra: (2+3+5) * (4+5) * (6+7) = X

Well, the Advanced search isn't much different!

After clicking Advanced Search, you will see it looks pretty similar to the normal View screen but with boxes on either side of the criteria. This is where you'll be adding your brackets~

So, using our example:  

Note: The criteria above has color shading added to show the different arguments easily!

Since the Contract Type, Stage Name and Responsible Party are all different operations, they get a parenthesis around each statement to keep them separate and to keep the system from getting confused. It looks a little complex but once you know what you're looking for, it's just a matter or turning it into an equation and slapping brackets around statements!

At any time, if you're unsure you can always reach out to a member of support for help!

We covered the topic of Views and creating some more Advanced Views in our First Friday: Episode 3. Click Here to watch. Step-by-Step Guide also included on First Friday Article.