After Implementation, it's possible some data was missed when your contracts were added. In some cases, iContracts bulk-uploads a sheet of your data, but maybe the intern missed filling in a few lines! In other cases, a blank container is uploaded and the data is added later. Sometimes the field's data is in flux, or just gets missed on entry.
No matter the circumstances, it's easy to find and update blank fields that you need to have filled in for other reports.

First, we'll find a single field that has blank data. For this example, we'll say we're looking for any contracts with a blank expiration date. Use the criteria:

ExpirationDate -- is null -- true

That will bring up any contracts that have a blank (NULL) expiration date.

Next, let's say you need to find all contracts that have a blank expiration date or contracts with a blank Field for department. Using an "AND" clause will bring up contracts with a blank expiration date AND a blank department. But what about the contracts that have department filled in but not expiration? Or vice-versa?? In this case, you'll want to use an "OR" clause.

ExpirationDate -- is null -- true
            OR Department -- is null -- true

This will show any contracts with a blank expiration date, a blank department or both! Make sure in your 'Default Fields & Sequence' you have, at minimum, the Contract ID and the fields you want to see. Save and Run the report.

Now, you can either add data to these fields manually, or use the bulk-loader to add data in bulk.
Above the grid, click the Report icon to generate a CSV report. 

For help using the bulk loader, reach out to a member of support for help, or check out our articles on Adding data with the Bulk loader!