So now you made an awesome View with all the data your company will need in a particular report. How can you show it to your team without walking them through the laborious process or re-creating the same View on their User Account?
Why, with Sharing Views of course! Work smart, not hard!

The best part about sharing a View, is that Individual Security permissions still apply! You don't have to worry about any users seeing things they shouldn't, just because you shared a View with them.  

Sharing a View is super simple, just a few mouse-clicks and you're done.

  • From the Create/Modify View screen, scroll past all the data and columns down to where "Save and Run" is located. Below it, is checkbox that says "Share With Other Users"
  • Click the checkbox and 2 selection boxes will appear on the screen.
    • You can select Role Model(s) to send this View to anyone equipped with that specific Role Model (if your company is using Role Models of course!)
    • If you know this View should be shared with specific Users, or you're not using Role Models, you can select their User from the Right selection box.

  • Mark the users or role models you're sharing this view with and click "Save and Run"

Now you're sharing the view! It will appear in their list of Views with a Red Superman next to it. Hovering on that box they can see you're the one who sent it to them!

Here's an example of a Shared View, Lease Agreements. Note the red S symbol.

Watch a Quick Hits video on how to share a view HERE!!
*Note* If a View is shared from you to another User, that User can't edit the View and keep the original name. They will have to rename the Edited View, since you're the original creator. Watch a quick video on how to Edit a Shared View HERE.