We have introduced another new enhancement for companies that may need to set Notifications that remind users to review an “Evergreen”, Auto-Renewed, Annually-Renewed contract. Some of our clients also use this Alert to set reminders for recurring evaluations!

This specialized alert is set on a monthly cycle (every 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, etc.) and for a preset number of times (0-999). This is different from a Manual Milestone or Activity that repeats the notification daily until someone marks the Milestone as Complete.

However, it is super-simple to set up!

  • To use Alerts, the admin must first have this function enabled for their company by contacting a UCM Support representative.
  •  Once the feature is enabled, you must activate it at the company level and deactivate any user who you don't want setting an alert.
  • Go to Company Admin: Object Administration: Object Setup/Maintenance  to activate. For most companies, the default UAP Name will be "Contract Management System." Click on the object name link to view to "Edit Universal Application Platform Object" screen.

  • Mark the checkbox to "Allow Alert Notifications" and hit "Update UAP"

  • In a contract container, click on Alert Configuration to display the window to set an alert.

  1. Enter the number of days prior to the select date for notification.
  2. Select the 'due date' for this alert. The notification will use this date-the days prior to figure out when to send an alert.
  3. Set the number of months between recurrences. Is this yearly? Bi-annual? Every month?
  4. How many times should this alert send notifications?
  5. What users should be notified of this alert? (Note: these users must be Active in UCM!)
  6. Add any additional fields to your Alert Email. Do these users need to see the Evaluation due date? The auto-renew date? The owner, etc.
  7. Add an optional description or instructions. It helps to know what you're being alerted about, right?

Click 'Save' to configure this alert. You will now see the Alerts area updated on the Summary tab of your contract. In our example, 30 days before 1/1/2020, the relevant user will get an Alert email. (You can see below, this example Alert is set for the next 30 occurrences/years!)

What do Users see when they get an Alert?

Below is an example of an Alert Email!

  1. Your Company Name and the Object Name. If you have only one object, this will say Contract Management System!
  2. The Contract Name and ID
  3. The optional Description/Instructions added in Alert Configuration
  4. When the next Alert Email will be sent out
  5. The Alert Configuration details, how often and when alerts are scheduled
  6. Optional Configured Fields. Here we've chosen the ID, Name, Owner, Type, Description and Stage of the contract.
  7. A link to the contract container. If a user isn't logged in, it will bring them to a log-in screen first.