Views are customizable real-time queries that can be set up for either a one-time use, or named, saved, shared, and used repeatedly.

Views narrow and simplify a list of contracts and show specific fields pertaining to the task or goal of the search criteria. To create your own Views, click on the Add New View button on the bottom of the Contract Views area. This section talks about Contract Views, but other view types (such as Attachments or Milestones) are set up in a similar manner.

Keep in mind when working with Views:

  • To display a Saved View, click on its name in the list.
  • To edit a Saved View, click on the pencil icon to the right of the view’s name.
  • To delete a Saved View, click on the X to the right of the view’s name.
  • The (Number) next to the Saved View’s name shows the number of matching contracts.
  • The red (S) icon to the right of a View’s Name indicates that it is a View that has been shared with you. A green (S) indicates that you shared this View with other Users. If you delete a Shared View (intentionally or not), the originating user will still be able to see and re-share their View with you again. If you hover your mouse pointer over the red Sicon, you can see who is the view’s author.
    • If YOU are the author of a View and Share the View, you will not see this icon.
  • To create a report, or export data to a spreadsheet, click on the Report button on the top of the header and a CSV file will be downloaded to your computer.

Add View Criteria

Figure out what contracts your looking for, and how you might best find them. (For example: Contracts expiring in 30 days is shown below)

If you need to add additional arguments, click the green + to Add Criteria. The arguments can be:

  • "And" which will find any contracts that meet both criteria.
  • "Or" - Find contracts that meet either criteria but not necessarily both at the same time.

Note: You can't use "And" and "Or" in the same report unless you run an advanced view. If you need to make a complicated view, check out our article on Advanced Views!

Include any contracts that are archived by marking the "Include Archived" checkbox.

Default Fields and Sequence

Decide what columns should show in the grid and where. Like other grids, if you hover over a grid heading and click on the arrow that appears, you can select 'Columns' to open a picklist of available fields and attributes. 

To move columns into the grid, you can mark their checkboxes and use the single arrow to move in individual fields (>) or the double arrow (>>) to add all available fields and attributes.

To remove columns from your grid, select them one at a time and use the single arrow (<) or remove all fields with the double arrows (<<)

You can also click + drag the column headings to change the order they appear in your grid.

Default Sort Order

Optionally, you can decide how your grid is sorted, in ascending or descending order, as well as add a tiered sorting order. 

Additional Statistics

You also have the option to add Additional Statistics to your Views (Sum and Average) based on any numeric fields.

SUM - Finds the total of the view's contracts based on the numeric field of your choosing

AVG - Average of the view's numeric field. 

Save, Share or Schedule a View

To save, share and/or schedule your view, you'll have to click the "Save this View" checkbox and give this report a name.