This enhancement is to help aid in the functionality of our Sub-Tables and make them easier to read and view when there is a lot of data being stored. The Locking ability to the Column Headers will allow for easier vertical scrolling and reading of data, and being able to Lock any number of Columns to the left side of the table allows for better horizontal scrolling.


If you are already using Sub-Tables, this feature will be available in your system already. There is no Administrative tools to turn it on, it will simply appear as an option for your Sub-Tables at the top of the grid.

Location and Use:

From inside a Contract Container, and in one of your Sub-Table tabs, you should now see a checkbox next to the Records Per Page selection titled Lock Grid Header.


After you check the box, all of your column headings (the Fields of your Table) will be locked in place when you scroll vertically. Your grid will also be re-sized to display approximately 15 records, which is the set size of a Table with locked Headers. You can still select the Records Per Page to determine how many you’ll be able to scroll through with your Headers Locked.


Now that your Headers are locked and the box is checked, each of your columns will have an additional icon when you select the blue down arrow when you hover over a Header. You’ll have Lock and Unlock beneath the column selector.



When you select Lock, regardless of where the Column is located, it will be moved to the far left side of the Table and be locked in place. There will also be a light blue line, as opposed to the usual lighter gray, that will help to mark where the Lock Line is at. Anything to the left of this line will not move when scrolling horizontally. This is especially helpful if you have long rows of data that you would normally have to scroll back and forth from left to right to figure out what year, vendor, physician, etc the data pertained to.

Once you’ve locked your first column in place, you can continue to lock more, if you wish, by using the same method of selecting the lock option, but you can also just drag and drop a column to the left side of the Lock Line (1), and it will remain there when scrolling horizontally (2).




You can use the either of the methods above to Unlock a columns as well. Either select Unlock from the Header dropdown menu, or simply drag the column to the right side of the Lock Line (dragging to the right works even if there is only one Column locked).