Enabling Edit-In-Cloud, which uses the AceOffix plug-in, will enable this feature for your entire System. You can remove a User’s permission to use Edit-in-Cloud, but this is not a feature that needs to be turned on per User.

To enable, first go to Company Admin (1) and then down to Object Administration (2). If you do not see Object Administration, please reach out to UCMSupport@iContracts.com and we can assist in turning that setting on for you.


Next, select Object Setup/Maintenance (3), and then for most of you, you’ll see a grid with a single option there called Contract Management System. If you have multiple Objects, you’ll see a list of them all here and you’ll have the enable this feature in each of the Objects you want.


Now, at the bottom of the page, you’ll see two checkboxes Edit Documents in Cloud View Enabled? (A), and Enable Save As Current Version? (B). You’ll want to check box (A) to enable, and for more information on what checkbox (B) will do, check out First Friday Episode 4 HERE. Select Update Object (4), and now the feature has been enabled.


Finally, head back to Settings (5), and then down to Edit Document in Cloud (6). Check the box (7) to Enable the Edit In Cloud feature. 


This may seem like doubling up on Enabling the feature, but this final checkbox is for organizations that need to use AceOffix for their Library Templates, but do not want to have their documents Edited in the Cloud.

As the message highlighted in yellow states, you should log-out and then log back in for the feature to be fully enabled.