Edit in Cloud is a convenient way for UCM users to make changes to attachments within the system, without having to download and re-upload their edits. If you’re unfamiliar with Edit in Cloud, or would like to have it added to your system, please reach out to UCMSupport@icontracts.com.

After making changes to a document in cloud, users were presented with the option to “Save as Current Version” ( 1 ) to replace the current document in UCM or “Save as New Version” ( 2 ) to create a new attachment.

Note: the document can only be edited if it’s the most current Word documents (.docx)

What’s changed?

  • Now, administrators can remove “Save as Current Version” so users can’t make unwanted changes and replace the original document. The only Save option after editing in cloud will be “Save as New Version” which will add a new document but retain the original.

  • Both Edit in Cloud and “Save as Current Version” can be removed on a per-object basis, if you only want users to edit documents on one platform you can remove their ability to do so on other company objects!
    • Note: if you’re not familiar with Objects/UAP it’s likely you only have one: Contract Management System!

How can I remove the option to “Save as Current Version”?

Go to Company Admin (1) and then down to Object Administration (2). If you do not see Object Administration, please reach out to UCMSupport@iContracts.com and we can assist in turning that setting on for you.    


Click on the object you’d like to make alterations to Edit in Cloud. (If you have only one object, you should only see Contract Management System)

Note: Additional Objects can be purchased for an additional fee

Once you click on the object you’re making changes to, you will see the new settings we’ve added for Edit in Cloud.

Edit Document in Cloud View is Enabled– When marked this will allow users the ability to edit documents via the Cloud in UCM. Clear this checkbox to deactivate Cloud Editing on a per-object basis.

Enable Save As Current Version – When marked this checkbox will allow users to save their redlines and revisions over the current document. When un-marked, users can only save their changes as a new attachment, preserving the original document.

After disabling Enable Save As Current Version, the user making edits to a document will only see one Save option: Save as new Version.

After making your changes, click Update Object. You will need to log out and log in again for changes to take effect.

How do I deactivate Edit in Cloud for an Object?

As shown above, the checkbox called Edit Document in Cloud View is Enabledwill allow users the ability to edit documents via the Cloud. To turn this off in an object, you simply un-check the box.

 What happens when the Edit in Cloud feature is turned off?

  • When Edit in Cloud is disabled, clicking on “Current File” will not open the document in edit mode, rather it will download the file locally to a user’s computer.
  • Edits and redlines will have to be made on their computer and the document added as a new attachment via the Attachments tab.


For any questions, concerns or assistance with this enhancement, feel free to reach out to UCMSupport@icontracts.com!

Step-by-Step Guide: