With this recent enhancement, you now have the option to set, and save, whether your Template will create a Document to be uploaded to the Attachment Tab of the Container, upload its Data to the Summary Tab of the Container, or both.

Previously, you had the option to exclude the data from being uploaded to the Container, but it had to be done manually for each newly entered Template, and there was no way to save that setting. You also never had the option to exclude the Document from being created when using Templates.

End-User Experience

These new options will appear underneath each Template’s Fill Values box, as checkboxes, Create Document & Upload Data. The idea is hopefully clear enough, that if these boxes are checked, you’ll create a document, and/or have the data you entered uploaded to the Summary Data, or Fields, of your new Contract Container. You are able to lock these setting per Template, so no combination other than one you set will be available.



We have also updated the Classic Template layout with instructions to make for easier Container creation.

If you have Upload Data selected, you still have the option to exclude certain fields from being uploaded by using the individual checkboxes next to each fields name. This is the way it worked before, and was the only way to exclude the data from being uploaded. The individual checkboxes will still appear, and be usable, even if Upload Data is locked.


Deselecting Create Document will allow you to use Templates as a way to create a new Container with the Template data already inside your Fields, but not clutter your Attachments Tab with an unnecessary document. This would be most commonly used as a part of a Request Form, where the data is needed, but the document may not. 

Admin Set-Up

Administrative Set-Up options are located inside of the Template and Library Template Admin settings area. If you are already using Templates in your organization, you can click on a templates name to change its settings. For each new Template you create, these options will be available from the start.

Note: These options, as well as the other Template configurables, will only appear for Library Templates once you select the option to make it a Template Document.


You’ll see three (3) checkboxes next to the Default Settings, Create Document, Upload Data, Settings Locked. The first two boxes allow you to just decide, per Template, what the default settings will be of that Template, but your end-users will still have the option to change them when creating the Template.


If you do not want your users to be able to make changes to your Default Settings, simply choose the Settings Locked checkbox (A). The checkboxes will appear grayed out under the Fill Values section, and will not be able to be changed.


 For more information about Templates within UCM, click HERE.