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This month's First Friday Webinar contains the following topics:

What's New in UCM:

  • AceOffix Edit In Cloud update that now allows for Excel sheet editing!
  • Copy Contract directly from a Contract Container
  • Contract Names can now be included in Email and Collaboration Subject lines
  • Sub-Table Header & Column locking for easier data viewing

Using Templates to Create a Document from a Container

  • Using a Boilerplate Template, you can easily take any of the Fields you're tracking in your Summary Data, and have them auto-populate into your Template. No more need to continuously copy and paste over the same areas in your Contracts

Using Templates as a Request Form

  • You can have your Users enter in Contracts using a Request Form Template to not only keep your entire Contract process inside of UCM, but this will also cut down on double entries. The data that is entered when creating the Request Form will automatically be entered into your Container as soon as the document itself is created.

Coming Soon to UCM

  • New and improved Admin settings for Templates to give you even more control of what your Users can, and can't, do with them!