If you need to be notified before a certain date, add a Manual Milestone by clicking the Add Milestone icon. This can be done in two areas: The milestones tab from the contract container you're viewing or at the enterprise level!

The icon looks like a series of mountains with flags to mark progress.

Add a Milestone from the Contract Container


After clicking this icon, you are able to determine the:

  • Milestone Name - What is this milestone called? This will be included in your milestone Email

  • Completion Date - What is the end date for this milestone? 

  • Contract - Choose your contract container


Add a 'Description' which in this case will act as your Milestone's directions/instructions.

  • Next you can assign a person to be responsible for this Milestone. They must be a user in UCM. Underneath, choose the Notification Method (such as Email)

  • Where you see 'Notify Before ___ Days' you will enter, obviously the number of days prior to your 'Completion Date' this milestone should occur. If you're setting a 30 day warning, your notify before days is 30.

  • If you want this Milestone to notify other users who aren't responsible but should know about this milestone, add them in the Also Notify box and give them an x day warning.


  • Choose if this milestone should repeat daily by marking the Repeat Email Notifications checkbox.

  • Marking 'Notify on Completion' will show another selection box. You can choose users who will be notified when this milestone has been completed, rather than when it's sent out.

  • Is this milestone already completed? If so, mark the 'Completed' checkbox. It will appear in the grid with a line through it, to show it's completed.


Last, you can use the Configure Fields link to add any additional field information to this milestone. If it's an expiration milestone, should this user see the expiration date, and any termination details or auto-renew information? This is where you add that info: 

Click and drag fields you want in your milestone to the 'Included Fields' section. This will add the fields and their data to your Milestone Emails.

Hit 'Save' and your milestone is configured! Now, X days before the completion date you will get a milestone Email that morning.

What is the Milestone Email? What do I do with a Milestone Email?

Your Milestone Email is a notification Email giving contract details so you know what action(s) must be taken on which contract. The milestone Email will have any instructions, fields or data that's been configured to the notification as well as a link to the contract container.