This month's First Friday Webinar covered the following topics:

What's New in UCM

  • Workflow Stage Specific Reporting

Views | An Overview

  • Criteria vs Grid Columns- What should you select for each? 
    • See how long a Type of Contract Spent in a Stage?
    • See All contracts that were in a Stage longer than 7 days?
  • Sharing vs Scheduling a View - How does security affect each?

"Request a Report"

  • Our goal is to build a repository of canned reports in the Knowledgebase of the most commonly needed and requested reports. These would act as "bases" for your Views in UCM.
  • We need YOUR help to know what is relevant
    • We have our examples, but we want to hear from you
    • Not every request will be usable, we want these to be useful for as many cases as possible
  • Send requests to
    • We will acknowledge your request promptly, but please allow a few days for review and full response to your request.