As with all grids within UCM, the headers and appearance of grids are set and locked to a user’s login profile. Your grid may look a little different than the picture below, but you can drag and drop the column headers to look how you’d like.

There are some useful buttons available in the Grid that can save you a click or two, and each column contains specific details relating to the Workflow. We recommend an arrangement similar to the one below, as it keeps all the useful and clickable columns available at a glance:


  • (A) Template Name: List of your templates. Names are clickable links that allow you to edit the Name, Stages, and other options related to your Workflow.

  • (B) Stage Configuration: Short-cut to get to the Stage Configuration screen. This is where you set up Stage Assignee's, Reminder Emails, Escalation, etc.

  • (C) Notes: Short-cut to the Workflow Notes area. If you have users Assigned to be notified on a Stage update, you can attach a Note to the email leaving instructions for your user(s)

  • (D) Copy: Copy a Workflow. Great solution if you need two or more very similar workflows with a few minor differences, for instance, the users assigned to a stage.

  • (E) Delete: Delete the entire workflow. NOT Reversible!

  • (F) Field Groups: Clickable link that takes you to a page that will allow you to select certain Field Groups to a Contract Container once a particular Stage is reached. Say for a Budget review stage, having a Financial Information Field Group appear at that point, as that information was maybe not available before.

  • (G) Stages: A list of the Stages, in order, of your Workflow. Allows you to get a snapshot view when you have multiple Workflows.

  • (H) Assignee Locked: Clickable checkbox that works the same as the checkbox on the Workflow creation screen.

  • (I) Assignee Only: Clickable checkbox that works the same as the checkbox on the Workflow creation screen.

  • (J) Is Escalation Configured: Informational checkbox for Escalations. 

  • (K) Is Reminder Configured: Informational checkbox for Reminders.