Assigning Reviewers

Reviewers allow you to create an ad-hoc group of Users responsible for reviewing a part of your Contract.


What they are reviewing, and how they will review it, will be different between each organization and, possibly vary from contract to contract. The Users assigned to the Reviewer group will have the choice to Approve or Reject the review in a scorecard within the Contract Container (A). Reviewers are similar to Approvers in your Workflow, however there is no direct connection between Reviewers and your Stages/Workflow.


In addition to the group of Reviewers, you can choose a set of Users to be notified any time one of the Reviewers approvers or rejects the review.


Finally, you can also select a group of Users to be notified once the entire review has been completed, meaning everyone has approved.


To select the Users for your Reviewer groups, simply click on the Review Status link in the Contract Container, and then use the multi-select boxes to assign the Users to the correct group.


After you have your Reviewers selected, you will be able to see at a glance how many Users are still left to approve, and how many have Approved or Rejected. Clicking this information will bring up the Reviewer Scorecard.


Reviewer Notifications

When the email notification go out to your Reviewers, it will give them the name of the Contract (1) and a link to the Contract (2)At this time, you cannot add a custom message to your Reviewer notifications. What will be done during the review by your Users should be discussed prior to assigning.


Any Users assigned to the Notify on Status Change group will receive an email like the one below anytime a Reviewer approves or rejects. You'll also be able to see the required note that the Reviewer left when they made their decision.


Once the review is complete, meaning everyone has approved, any User assigned to the Notify on Review Completion will be updated with a notification. They'll be able to see who the Reviewers were, and of course have a link directly to the Contract if they need to look into any details.


Resetting your Review

After a Review is complete, the Review Status will stay active, showing all Users who have approved. If you no longer want this information to display, or if you need to perform another review, you can reset your Reviewers by clicking on the Review Status link, and using the Reset Reviewers (1) icon.